Thursday, May 29, 2008


We finally got our house up for sale! Yipee! We got our sign up last Friday and we are so excited! I know this sound silly, but this AM I woke up and was a little worried that no one had looked at our house yet. Mind you, it had only really been available since tues. due to the holiday weekend!:) But we did have our first showing today! I'm sure they will want to offer about $10,000 more than our asking price!:) Here are some pics of our house.

We really do love our little house and the past 3 years here have been great and I know I'm gaonna cry when we leave. We are really just ready for a little bigger living room for friends, family, and the youth. We have honestly crammed about 40 people in our house and it was not pretty! We'll keep ya updated!!!

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Jeana said...

HEY!! I found your blog on Abbie's site. So I'm gonna put you on my list of "friend blogs" on my site!!
LOVE the couch in your living room, someone awesome must have given you that, HA!!