Monday, December 28, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...(2 days later)

What a great and awesome Christmas. I've got the Christmas is over blues. Counting down the days until Christmas 2010! Luckily January is a busy months for us and there is a lot to look forward to! Instead of write what we did on Christmas day, I thought I would show you. (Warning there are a lot of pictures !)

Christmas morning at mom and dad's.

Brian's Sports Illustrated OU frame!

Lauren wanted "Baby Mama", not "Mama Mia". My mom got the 2 confused, but we made a Wal-mart trip last minute to fix it!
Video camera! Big surprise and so excited!

Mom and Dad

Traditional Christmas breakfast! YUM!
Brian's parents driveway was blocked with snow, but nothing would stop Christmas!
Ralph saves the day!

Looks like someone has been good!


Jace loved his hat.

The girls are patiently waiting for the kids to finish opening so they could start!
Carson, aka Mr.. Photogenic
Ashlyn's special gift for her BFF/cousin Carson, homemade bookmarks. She was so proud.
Baby Plumb got gifts too!
"It's like a million dollars!" Ashia's reaction to 50 $1 bills was priceless.
Baby Plumb really made a killing!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It is such a great time to remember the birth of a son who came to this earth and sacrificed his life for our eternal happiness. Hope you take this time to count all your blessings, both little and small.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2nd Day of Christmas.. Christmas Eve

Oklahoma Blizzard 2009 has definitely put a cramp in our Christmas Eve plans. First time EVER that I won't be going to my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve!:( No Christmas Eve party at the Puckett's house.:( But we did get to enjoy a day of relaxation at my parents house.

Hoping that the things clear enough tomorrow to get out and keep our Christmas plans! Wishing every one a Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

3rd day of Christmas...

Every year since I was little, my family has had a our own little Christmas party. We cook TONS of our favorite junk food, play games, and watch a movie. Yesterday night we started off with buffalo chicken dip (which is easy and amazing! if you ever need a quick party recipe, you need this one), sausage balls, cheese dippers, chicken wings... the list goes on. We did add a veggie tray just to make ourselves feel a little better.:) Lauren and Mark Mom and Dad
The Plumb's
The movie this year was Four Christmases which is such a funny movie. I also got to open up an early Christmas gift. One things you may not know about me is that I love to play games. We have quite a collection at home. My sister bought me a new game, True Colors, that we played last night. It was great for a lot of laughs!

Another tradition that we have is drawing names and exchanging a gift. Usually we each buy an ornament that reminds us of the person that we drew. This year we changes things up a bit and exchanges pajama bottoms. I was extra excited because these pajama pants were long! :) No high waters for me!!!!

Dad and his polar bears

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4th day of Christmas...

Tonight we met up with some friends and went snow tubing at the Bricktown ballpark. We have been wanting to go for years and were so glad our friend Misti got things together!

Getting ready for some tubing!
The boys
The girls

We really had such a great time! Hopefully we will have some real snow here this week! "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas"!

5th day of Christmas...

Last night my amazing sister-in-law had a wonderful Christmas idea for her 4 girls and we were able to be apart of it. They all watched Polar Express the movie yesterday afternoon. Last night, the girls were put to bed and my brother-in-law got them up for a trip on the "Polar Express". They stayed in their pajama's and had hot cocoa and cookies in the car and drove around looking at Christmas lights. How much fun is that! We were a surprise at the end of the drive. They got here late and got to spend the night! It was so much fun seeing how excited they were telling us about the whole night.

Did I mention they were were footie pajamas?!?! My favorite!!!
When the girls got here, we made an Elf Yourself video with their faces.. They laughed for 15 minutes straight! It was hilarious!

The Polar Express Night was such a great idea! I am definatley stealing this idea when baby Plumb gets here!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

6th day of Christmas...

A day late on the 6th day, and the 5th day will be a day late too, but I will catch up!:) Yesterday was one of those jammed packed kinda days. This afternoon we went with my parent to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert at the Ford Center. The music was great and the light show was amazing! And I have never seen a group of people throw their hair around like these people did! They LOVED their hair!:)

Getting ready for the concert.

Here is a little peak of some of the excitement.

After the concert, the youth group had our annual Christmas party. We did a regressive party this year. We went to 4 families houses with a meal at each house. The difference with a regressive dinner is that we started with dessert and ended with the appetizers. The students also dressed up "backwards". We had summer clothes, close worn inside out, and other fun outfits.

The Sr. High

The Jr. High

Love these guys. They always make for a great night!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

7th day of Christmas...

Today was a very relaxing day, but filled with Christmas happenings. We started the day out waking up around 10, and watching Home Alone. We are trying to enjoy sleeping in late as much as we can because we know that that won't be happening in a few months when a certain someone gets here!:)
We then decided to get creative a build a Gingerbread house. Now we did cheat a little bit and bought a pre-built house.
The icing was so annoying. There was no way I would have been able to make a bow like they showed on the box! No way!

Brian concentrating hard!

The finished house!

Well, I thought we were finished. Brian kept finding more things in the kitchen to add!

Friday, December 18, 2009

8th day of Christmas...

Tonight after eating dinner and looking at Christmas lights with some friends, we turned on the fire, cuddled up on the couch, and turned on out favorite Christmas movie.... No matter how many times we watch it, it always makes us laugh! And we love finding new things that make us laugh that we have never noticed before!
Brian's favorite lines: Clark: "Hey kids, I heard on the news that an airplane pilot spotted Santa's sleigh on its way from New York City?"
Eddie: "Are you serious Clark?"

My favorite line(s): Eddie: "She falls down a well, her eyes go cross. She gets kicked by a mule, they go back. I don't know."

Put your Christmas hat on!

Have I mentioned that Brian LOVES Christmas? Anything that has to do with Christmas, Brian loves. And the tackier the better.:) A few years ago, he started to collect Christmas hats. Let me show you some of the collection. The traditional Santa hat.
We call this the "Eddie" Christmas hat.
(Eddie from Christmas Vacation)

Santa's helper.
The beard hat. This is kind of a famous hat. You may remember seeing a guy from Oklahoma wearing it on the Today Show a couple of years ago.:)

And here is the newest addition to the collection! A hat that sings and dances! How much more fun can it get?!?!?!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

9th day of Christmas...

On the 9th day of Christmas we went shopping and we are F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D! Yippee! We were going to get everything done on Saturday but something told us there would be a lot of people out getting that shopping list done. It is kinda sad that all the shopping is over. Brian and I both LOVE buying gifts!
I even found a new addition to our baby library! (Did I mention that I LOVE children's books!)
Brian shopping. I think he looks good in hats, don't you?
So we have been Christmas shopping, light gazing, goody making, and choir listening. Wonder what the next days of Christmas will hold!