Friday, December 18, 2009

Put your Christmas hat on!

Have I mentioned that Brian LOVES Christmas? Anything that has to do with Christmas, Brian loves. And the tackier the better.:) A few years ago, he started to collect Christmas hats. Let me show you some of the collection. The traditional Santa hat.
We call this the "Eddie" Christmas hat.
(Eddie from Christmas Vacation)

Santa's helper.
The beard hat. This is kind of a famous hat. You may remember seeing a guy from Oklahoma wearing it on the Today Show a couple of years ago.:)

And here is the newest addition to the collection! A hat that sings and dances! How much more fun can it get?!?!?!


Kelly said...

Me and Livie got a good laugh out of that video...BPlumb is quite a 'hoot'!! Hehe!! I think he was Buddy the Elf in his past life!!

Becky said...

Ha! That was awesome! I totally needed that laugh.