Thursday, December 24, 2009

3rd day of Christmas...

Every year since I was little, my family has had a our own little Christmas party. We cook TONS of our favorite junk food, play games, and watch a movie. Yesterday night we started off with buffalo chicken dip (which is easy and amazing! if you ever need a quick party recipe, you need this one), sausage balls, cheese dippers, chicken wings... the list goes on. We did add a veggie tray just to make ourselves feel a little better.:) Lauren and Mark Mom and Dad
The Plumb's
The movie this year was Four Christmases which is such a funny movie. I also got to open up an early Christmas gift. One things you may not know about me is that I love to play games. We have quite a collection at home. My sister bought me a new game, True Colors, that we played last night. It was great for a lot of laughs!

Another tradition that we have is drawing names and exchanging a gift. Usually we each buy an ornament that reminds us of the person that we drew. This year we changes things up a bit and exchanges pajama bottoms. I was extra excited because these pajama pants were long! :) No high waters for me!!!!

Dad and his polar bears

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