Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So Brian and I are extremely excited to announce that we are adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia!! We have been praying about this for months now, and really feel that this is God's will for our family. Brian and I have always known we were going to adopt. My two fabulous nieces came to us through adoption and I cannot tell you what a blessing they have been to us!

So for us, it wasn't a matter of if, but when. And we know that this is the time. I have NEVER felt more at peace about a decision in my entire life. I know and trust that God has our family already designed for us and our son is in Africa! This does not mean that we will or will not have biological children in the future. We are just giving all that to God. We are in the very beginning stages at this point and are trying to get to the point were we can send in our paperwork to Gladney next week. I am taking off work tomorrow afternoon to get as much done as possible. We know that the journey ahead of us is long. In our phone orientation last week we learned that the process is taking about 18 months. But we trust that the timing will be perfect to pair us with our baby! Please pray for us as we begin this journey!

AAA saves the day... again

So, I know you've been there. Waiting for the clock to finally hit 5:00 so you can finally get home! That is totally me today. As I grabbed my purse to get out my keys, that is when I realize... I don't have my keys! I go down to the car and see that in my rushing around, grabbing my umbrella out of the backseat, already running late morning, I guess I dropped the keys in the backseat! AUGH! SO I called trusty AAA to come out and save the day...for the fourth time since I started my job a year ago! :) This girl needs a new car with a keypad! ( Or just enough brain's to stop locking her keys in the car!)

Me waiting for the AAA guy to save me!

I took this pic of the guy. I tried to do it without him knowing I was taking the pic. I think he kinda figured it out and thought I was creepy.:)

This is were the keys were found.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homemade bread

So yesterday before i left for work, I was really feeling in the mood to have some good ole homemade bread waiting for us for dinner. I made some bread in my bread machine for Easter and it was so good! I was so excited when I walked in the door and could smell the fresh bread baking. This is what I found.

Don't break a tooth brian!

How could I mess it up! All I had to do was pour ingredients into a machine! Oh well, better luck next time!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's try this again!

So, if you haven't noticed already, I haven't been keeping up too well with this blog thing. Even Brian is starting to bug me about it. So I am giving it another try! I hate to waste the awesome design that Ms Kelly made for us! And I've realized that it is unfair for me to stalk my blogging friends and not give them a view into our world. I am also going to try and be better about commenting on my friends blogs, so feel free to comment back! Brian has even promised to get in on the blogging! So here we go!