Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homemade bread

So yesterday before i left for work, I was really feeling in the mood to have some good ole homemade bread waiting for us for dinner. I made some bread in my bread machine for Easter and it was so good! I was so excited when I walked in the door and could smell the fresh bread baking. This is what I found.

Don't break a tooth brian!

How could I mess it up! All I had to do was pour ingredients into a machine! Oh well, better luck next time!


Becky said...

Oh no! You've proven you can do it, cause you did it for Easter...and the next time you do it better bring some on over! I love homemade bread!!!

Kelly said...

You are cracking me up!! I'm surprised Brian even eats bread...haha!! Love the pics!!

Eric and Tara said...

You made it! You're out of the blog closet!! :)
Hmmm...the bread looks... crispy. :) I am sad to admit that I have messed up my fair share of loaves in the bread machine as well, how that is even possible, I don't know.