Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AAA saves the day... again

So, I know you've been there. Waiting for the clock to finally hit 5:00 so you can finally get home! That is totally me today. As I grabbed my purse to get out my keys, that is when I realize... I don't have my keys! I go down to the car and see that in my rushing around, grabbing my umbrella out of the backseat, already running late morning, I guess I dropped the keys in the backseat! AUGH! SO I called trusty AAA to come out and save the day...for the fourth time since I started my job a year ago! :) This girl needs a new car with a keypad! ( Or just enough brain's to stop locking her keys in the car!)

Me waiting for the AAA guy to save me!

I took this pic of the guy. I tried to do it without him knowing I was taking the pic. I think he kinda figured it out and thought I was creepy.:)

This is were the keys were found.


Kelly said...

I love a person that can embrace their mistakes. They make life fun!! Love you!!

Becky said...

Girl, you need to put an extra set of keys in your desk.