Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching some ZZZZ's

So I was looking through my camera today and noticed some pretty funny pictures of Brian sleeping and thought I would share! He's gonna love this!:)

This is how I found him one morning after playing basketball. That's right, he is laying in our bed with his sweaty clothes and shoes on. I know! Notice how he rips of the blankets! I now have proof!

Think he is dreaming of roller coasters?

He'd better catch up on his sleep! Winterfest is coming this weekend! It is one of the most popular things we do in the youth group! It really is such an awesome weekend! Some of the girls in my room have already informed me that they plan on staying up all night! Geez! I think I'll switch rooms!:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!

It's Brian's 28th birthday today! I'm so sad he isn't here to celebrate it! I love you Brian and I am so thankful that 28 years ago today you came into this world! Hope OU makes it a good birthday for you tonight! Go Sooners!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just another day in the office...

So today is a slow day here at work. I only have 5 patients all day! So, I decided to blog a little and that got me thinking. Most of you have never seen where I work! (Not that you would want to or anything!:)) So I decided to give you a little tour!

This is my office. Notice the frames with my diplomas leaned against the wall. That has been that way since I started almost a year ago! I finally got the last frame, so I hope to hang them all up soon!

Here's my desk! Pretty interesting stuff huh?


And me, working hard!

This is Robin, who helps me out so much with patients and paperwork! (I made her take this picture!:)

And here, is Susan. She is a nurse that always helps me out here! Isn't it great to have friends at work!

The newest addition to the space... flowers! Brian is gone to Colorado this week at a youth ministry conferece. I really wish I could have gone, but no more vacation days left! It is always such an amazing time for him to focus on his spiritual life, get renewed for the new year, and get some ideas to bring back to the group. Anyways, he send me flowers today just to say he was thinking of me! What a husband I have!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Update

Is it just me or did this Christmas season fly by! It was the first year I had a job and I didn't get the 2 weeks to celebrate like I've always had before. I hate being a grown-up! :) Brian and I love being constantly on the go, but this year it was crazy! I think the 2 weeks before Christmas we were home maybe one night. But it was an awesome Christmas. There is just nothing like regressing into your high school self by spending the night with the parents, playing board games, eating all your favorites foods, and just enjoying your family.