Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching some ZZZZ's

So I was looking through my camera today and noticed some pretty funny pictures of Brian sleeping and thought I would share! He's gonna love this!:)

This is how I found him one morning after playing basketball. That's right, he is laying in our bed with his sweaty clothes and shoes on. I know! Notice how he rips of the blankets! I now have proof!

Think he is dreaming of roller coasters?

He'd better catch up on his sleep! Winterfest is coming this weekend! It is one of the most popular things we do in the youth group! It really is such an awesome weekend! Some of the girls in my room have already informed me that they plan on staying up all night! Geez! I think I'll switch rooms!:)


Becky said...

LOL..these are awesome! Tony would kill me girl, you are a brave one!

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

LOVE IT! Although I have no documented proof, this could so be Ben. Maybe they're long lost brothers. Ben can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, fully clothed with shoes on (and was known in college to frequently lay down in the middle of the student center floor to catch some zzz's). We later discovered that he has sleep apnea. Hmmmm.... Brian?!