Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Number 2!!!

We are now number 2 on the unofficial wait list!

Just got the news that Tracy got a referral for 2 little boys! (YAY!)

My stomach is full of butterflies! I think Brian summed it up perfectly. When I gave him the news he asked, "Shouldn't we be doing something?!?!"

My thoughts exactly.

Shouldn't we be:
narrowing down a name?
fixing up the nursery?
finishing watching our training videos?
reading every parenting book out there?
organizing closets?
having a garage sell?
making Baby P's life book?
(and unfortunately the list goes on!)

Guess we better get busy!

Joanna, you're next and we will be right behind you!!!:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

6 weeks

Six weeks from now we hit the average wait time for referral for children 0-12 months old!

Within the next six weeks, we will hopefully have a picture of our precious son!

In six weeks, I hope I will no longer have to just look at adorable clothes and hats, but will get to start shopping!:)

When people ask me where we are at in the adoption process in six weeks, I hope I will be able to smile and tell them his name!

In six weeks, I hope I am no longer waiting for a face, a name, and a story, but rather a court date!

Six weeks could turn a family of two into a family of three.

Six weeks can change everything.

And we are ready...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 80th!

This week Brian's grandpa celebrate his 80th birthday! This weekend, we surprised him with a party! All of his friends came out and played music. Grandpa Jack plays the mandolin and it is one of his greatest joys to play. I hadn't seen him so happy in such a long time.

Sandbox fun!

The girls!

Grandpa and Sherri on the mandolins!

P.S. .I am fully aware I have not been keeping up with the 20 posts in 30 days! Oops! Maybe I can do a little catching up!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some things aren't always as the appear

This morning started off as a bad day.

First off, I was running a little behind going to work , and I got stuck in traffic for 20 min. There is never traffic on my way to work! About halfway there I realize I forgot my phone at home. now I am not super reliant on my phone, but when I don't have it I feel kind of like I am going to miss something important.

Then God turned this blah day into the BEST day!

At work today, I got some fantastic news!

We found out that our friends, The Carter's, passed court today ! YAY! You must go check our Baby Elliot, Baby Plumb's future BFF!:)

The Buster's got their referral for a 4 month baby boy!!! I have been stalking their blog hourly, and when I saw the REFERRAL post, I started to cry! YAY EMILY!

And then, about 10 minutes ago I am looking through the unofficial wait list and realize that another family got a referral today! The Schumacher family got a referral for a baby boy!

That's right people! If you did the math, that puts us at number 3 on the unofficial wait list!

WHAT!?!? I am jumping out of my skin!

We are so close! It is starting to feel real!!!! :)

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name: make known among the nations what he has done" 1 Chronicles 16:8

Thank you Lord for this awesome day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Storm Season

It is definitely May in Oklahoma.
We had our first major tornado watch here in Oklahoma , and there were some bad ones. I left work in Shawnee a little early in order to get home, and I made it just in time. About 20 minutes after I got home, the tornado hit the path I take to come home and destroyed the gas stations at Choctaw Road!
The hail started about 5 minuted after I got home.
This was just a very small piece of hail that I was able to get without leaving the porch. I was NOT going to chance getting knocked out, even for a picture. There were some that really were softball size! Crazy!
We were prepared to head to the cellar with all the necessities. Food, light, a cell phone and ,of course. our passports. I kept thinking, if our house was destroyed how will we get our home study updated next week! Thankfully we don't have to worry about that! Brian had the TV and computer going trying to keep our family in Shawnee and Tecumseh updated because they were without power. Thankfully everyone was safe. My parents, who live in Tecumseh, watched it form and go past their house!
Praying for all those who lost so much today. Many of my coworkers at the clinic had damage to their house, and a few houses were completely destroyed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

7 months!

7 months down!
Still number 5 on the unofficial waiting list!
So in honor of 7 months, I thought I would go through my emotions this month through the seven dwarfs
Happy: we have been waiting for 7 months!
Sleepy: this month I have had some very vivid dreams about getting our referral. A couple of times I've woken up wondering if it really happened!
Sneezy: my allergies have been terrible! :)
Grumpy: that we still have 2 months to wait. GRRRR!
Dopey: we still don't have a name picked out, and as soon as I think we are getting close, we add 10 more!
Doc: we did order our baby bedding and I have read 2 1/2 parenting books this month.
Bashful: not really sure about this one. Not the bashful type.
Hoping this months is full of referrals, court dates, and passing court for lots of families!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Day at the Zoo....

Today we got to tag along with Brian's sister, Amy, and our nieces to the zoo!
Ashlyn, Brian, Amy, Anna, and Ashia.
A bird went to the bathroom on Ashia. Poor Ash!
Anna, Amy and me catching the sea lion show.
Brian with the girls.

I think we wore Anna out!

So now that I am in "learn everything I can before Baby P. gets here" mode, I thought I would include a couple of things I learned today for our future trips to the zoo.

1. Do NOT wear flipflops, no matter how comfortable they are! You will get a blister.

2. DO bring snacks. They will save the day when a 3 year old wants to pet the monkey's.

3. Do NOT go to the zoo on a friday in May. Apparently every school in Oklahoma will be there.

4. DO get a map. You may get a little lost trying to find the giraffes.

5. DO always have you camera ready to shoot. You may just catch a reaction from being peed on by a bird! (Priceless!)

We always have such a great time with the the Puckett clan! Glad we got to spend the day with them!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Showing off the t-shirts... "Plumb" style

Here are some pics of Brian's brother's family sporting the shirts. The boys favorite part of the shirt was the "Team Plumb". They loved that it said their name!
Beautiful family!

Thanks John, Kelli, Carson, and Jace! So thankful to have someone to teach our son about spiderman and manies!:)
Can't wait for lake trips, slumber parties, and pizza night at the Puckett's with one more boy!

Stay tuned for more family and friends in the shirts!

If you got a shirt, I need your picture for Baby Plumb's Life book!
If you want a shirt, we still have a few more and will be placing another order soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Slacking off....

So I have been kind of slacking off in the blogging department lately. As I mentioned in my letter to Baby Plumb, I have really been trying to stay away from the blogs as much as possible. I was getting a little obsessed at checking blogs on the unofficial wait list. Like every hour people! But today I realized that we are number 5 on the unofficial wait list. There are 2 "either gender" and 2 "boys" ahead of us! Seriously!?!?!

Here's 5 high fives for being number 5!
Can you imagine that we are almost parents?!?! :)

I guess I had better get to blogging to document these last couple months as a family of 2!
So stay tuned for some fun posts!
I think I am going to challenge myself to 20 blog entries in 30 days!