Monday, May 10, 2010

Storm Season

It is definitely May in Oklahoma.
We had our first major tornado watch here in Oklahoma , and there were some bad ones. I left work in Shawnee a little early in order to get home, and I made it just in time. About 20 minutes after I got home, the tornado hit the path I take to come home and destroyed the gas stations at Choctaw Road!
The hail started about 5 minuted after I got home.
This was just a very small piece of hail that I was able to get without leaving the porch. I was NOT going to chance getting knocked out, even for a picture. There were some that really were softball size! Crazy!
We were prepared to head to the cellar with all the necessities. Food, light, a cell phone and ,of course. our passports. I kept thinking, if our house was destroyed how will we get our home study updated next week! Thankfully we don't have to worry about that! Brian had the TV and computer going trying to keep our family in Shawnee and Tecumseh updated because they were without power. Thankfully everyone was safe. My parents, who live in Tecumseh, watched it form and go past their house!
Praying for all those who lost so much today. Many of my coworkers at the clinic had damage to their house, and a few houses were completely destroyed.


The Busters said...

As much as I sometimes miss living close to family in Oklahoma, I don't miss tornado season. Glad to hear your family is safe! And I loved your Seven Dwarfs post. Too cute!!

Becky said...

It was definitely a scary night! We had one touch down about 150 yards from our house. Too close for comfort for me.

Tracy said...

Wow! I can't even imagine softball sized hailstones! That must have sounded so scary landing on your roof! I hope you were able to park all of your cars in the garage.