Sunday, May 9, 2010

7 months!

7 months down!
Still number 5 on the unofficial waiting list!
So in honor of 7 months, I thought I would go through my emotions this month through the seven dwarfs
Happy: we have been waiting for 7 months!
Sleepy: this month I have had some very vivid dreams about getting our referral. A couple of times I've woken up wondering if it really happened!
Sneezy: my allergies have been terrible! :)
Grumpy: that we still have 2 months to wait. GRRRR!
Dopey: we still don't have a name picked out, and as soon as I think we are getting close, we add 10 more!
Doc: we did order our baby bedding and I have read 2 1/2 parenting books this month.
Bashful: not really sure about this one. Not the bashful type.
Hoping this months is full of referrals, court dates, and passing court for lots of families!!


Becky said...

Very creative post! I'm very impressed.

Thompson 5 said...

I love your posts...will you come tutor me?!?! Love you!!