Friday, May 7, 2010

A Day at the Zoo....

Today we got to tag along with Brian's sister, Amy, and our nieces to the zoo!
Ashlyn, Brian, Amy, Anna, and Ashia.
A bird went to the bathroom on Ashia. Poor Ash!
Anna, Amy and me catching the sea lion show.
Brian with the girls.

I think we wore Anna out!

So now that I am in "learn everything I can before Baby P. gets here" mode, I thought I would include a couple of things I learned today for our future trips to the zoo.

1. Do NOT wear flipflops, no matter how comfortable they are! You will get a blister.

2. DO bring snacks. They will save the day when a 3 year old wants to pet the monkey's.

3. Do NOT go to the zoo on a friday in May. Apparently every school in Oklahoma will be there.

4. DO get a map. You may get a little lost trying to find the giraffes.

5. DO always have you camera ready to shoot. You may just catch a reaction from being peed on by a bird! (Priceless!)

We always have such a great time with the the Puckett clan! Glad we got to spend the day with them!

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