Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Number 2!!!

We are now number 2 on the unofficial wait list!

Just got the news that Tracy got a referral for 2 little boys! (YAY!)

My stomach is full of butterflies! I think Brian summed it up perfectly. When I gave him the news he asked, "Shouldn't we be doing something?!?!"

My thoughts exactly.

Shouldn't we be:
narrowing down a name?
fixing up the nursery?
finishing watching our training videos?
reading every parenting book out there?
organizing closets?
having a garage sell?
making Baby P's life book?
(and unfortunately the list goes on!)

Guess we better get busy!

Joanna, you're next and we will be right behind you!!!:)


The Busters said...

So excited for you!!! Yes, I totally know the feeling of wanting to do something even though you aren't quite sure where to start. SOON! It WILL be soon!

Amber said...

It's just like you've entered your last trimester of pregnancy. I'm feeling all of those last minute worries right now, yet I'm too lazy and tired to act on it. :) I am so excited to hear about your little boy!!!

Lindsey said...

CANNOT wait to read your "Call" post! So excited for you guys!

Sherri said...

AHHHHH!!! I'm so excited for you guys!! I can't wait!

Joanna said...

Seriously, I know the feeling. Our to-do-list looks a lot like yours!

Can you view our blog? It's private so I'll have to send you an invite if not - but I want to make sure you know as soon as possible that you are #1!! :)

Shannon Plumb said...

Joanna- I would love to get the invite to your blog! Then I could stalk it daily! Ok... make that hourly!:)

Kellie and Troy said...

WooHoo! I am so excited. I hope you find out before we leave. I really want to meet Baby P! You better contact us if it happens while we are there.
And, by the way, the list is never ending. We are still trying to get all of our ducks in a row and we leave in 11 days. AHHHH!

Mandi Gascon said...

OMG!!! Shannon I am so excited for you guys! If you need anyone to go shopping with I am here!! :) Question.....is anyone throwing you and the baby a shower? Let me know because I would love to do it!!!!

Joanna said...

Shannon - email me so I can have your email to send you the invite.

My email: lovin AT att DOT net

Rebecca said...

I'm hoping you get THE call really soon!! Just looked at the FBI list and it looks like they've only had 4 referrals in May (although, I know this doesn't account for all Gladney families). I hope they have more come this month! Surely there will be a lot in June!

June could be your month!!! June's only 5 days away!!!

Tracy said...

Yea! You're getting so close!

As for all those "to dos", we have purposely put them off until we got "the call" because we know we'll need something to keep us occupied while we're waiting to bring them home!

Thompson 5 said...

YAY!!! That's so exciting! All you should be doing right now is enjoy this time...the preparations!