Friday, December 18, 2009

8th day of Christmas...

Tonight after eating dinner and looking at Christmas lights with some friends, we turned on the fire, cuddled up on the couch, and turned on out favorite Christmas movie.... No matter how many times we watch it, it always makes us laugh! And we love finding new things that make us laugh that we have never noticed before!
Brian's favorite lines: Clark: "Hey kids, I heard on the news that an airplane pilot spotted Santa's sleigh on its way from New York City?"
Eddie: "Are you serious Clark?"

My favorite line(s): Eddie: "She falls down a well, her eyes go cross. She gets kicked by a mule, they go back. I don't know."

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Kelly said...

This was mine and Phil's first date...ahhh, the memories!! It was actually Dec 16, 1989, I know, that was a LONG time ago!!