Monday, December 28, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...(2 days later)

What a great and awesome Christmas. I've got the Christmas is over blues. Counting down the days until Christmas 2010! Luckily January is a busy months for us and there is a lot to look forward to! Instead of write what we did on Christmas day, I thought I would show you. (Warning there are a lot of pictures !)

Christmas morning at mom and dad's.

Brian's Sports Illustrated OU frame!

Lauren wanted "Baby Mama", not "Mama Mia". My mom got the 2 confused, but we made a Wal-mart trip last minute to fix it!
Video camera! Big surprise and so excited!

Mom and Dad

Traditional Christmas breakfast! YUM!
Brian's parents driveway was blocked with snow, but nothing would stop Christmas!
Ralph saves the day!

Looks like someone has been good!


Jace loved his hat.

The girls are patiently waiting for the kids to finish opening so they could start!
Carson, aka Mr.. Photogenic
Ashlyn's special gift for her BFF/cousin Carson, homemade bookmarks. She was so proud.
Baby Plumb got gifts too!
"It's like a million dollars!" Ashia's reaction to 50 $1 bills was priceless.
Baby Plumb really made a killing!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It is such a great time to remember the birth of a son who came to this earth and sacrificed his life for our eternal happiness. Hope you take this time to count all your blessings, both little and small.

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