Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"Around the 5th month of pregnancy (or referral waiting), the 'nesting' instinct can set in. This is an uncontrollable urge to clean one's house, brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of old projects and to organize your world."- pregnancy weekly

So, we are 5 months and 3 weeks into the waiting game, and I am beginning to feel a lot of pressure to get things done. I will not call it crazy. I will call it nesting!:) Around the Plumb house we are organizing drawers and closets, changing pictures in picture frames, and trying to knock of some "To Do Before Baby Gets Here" tasks.

I actually had a panic moment a couple of nights ago.
We haven't picked out a name yet.
I can't find the perfect baby bedding. (I know I mentioned in a previous post I had bought bedding, but it wasn't perfect enough!:))
Baby Plumb's Life Book is no where near finished.
It is getting close to time to update some adoption documents.
We still have some training videos to watch.
And the list goes on.

So motivation has hit. Let's start crossing tasks off the list!
Brian will be so excited.:)

Oh, and Brian wanted me to add that he is awesome. Whatever!:)


Amber said...

I'm starting to feel the instinct too. And it's making me crazy because there are way too many things on the list to ever actually get done. Not to mention that my growing belly interferes with certain tasks!

Becky said...

My house definitely needs organizing...maybe I should go into some sort of nesting...hehehe.

The Busters said...

I definitely think 'nesting' applies to adoption as well. I have been feeling it and the other day dusted our house like I never have before. I have no idea what came over me other than nesting. I also spent an hour rearranging the furniture in the nursery and it ended up the exact same way I started. sigh. oh well. Picking out bedding is SO hard. I totally relate. Good luck!!

Niemitz said...

I have been feeling exactly the same way!!!! We are getting so close:)
I'm sure you will find the "perfect" bedding.