Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's a Birthday Party: Dr. Seuss style!

I have a friend that was born on Christmas day and I have heard her horror stories about not getting parties or getting ornaments for presents.  I told Brian a long ago that I never wanted to have a child born on Christmas Day.  When  we got our referral for Tate we were told that he was born on December 24.  Christmas Eve.  Well, I guess that is not Christmas Day!  God makes me laugh.:)

So, in order to try and separate his birthday from Christmas a little bit, we had Tate's first Birthday Party today!

The picture for the invites!  Seriously, could he be any cuter?

 The cupcakes!
 Green Eggs and Ham
 One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
 Cat in the Hat
 Thing 1 and Thing 2
Luckily we got the picture before the cotton candy melted!

 Ready to party!
 The Birthday Boy!
 Aunt Kelli started things off with "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"

Tate and his buds Drew and Hudson.  I have a feeling these three are going to get into a lot of trouble together!:)
 He liked the cake!
 He really liked the cake!
 Ok, he LOVED it!

We can't believe that we almost have a one year old in this house!  What a fun way to celebrate an amazing boy with wonderful family and friends! 

Happy Early Birthday Tate!
We love you!


Heather said...

happy birthday Tate! I had a friend grwoing up that was born on Christmas Day, they always had her party in June and celebrated her half-birthday! :)

Laura said...

Sweet, sweet Tate. What a fun party!

Tracy said...

What clever cupcake ideas!

Happy birthday, Tate!

tashamyork said...

YAYAY! Happy birthday Tate!! I cannot wait to take your pictures tomorrow!!! :D!! I was cracking up about the whole Christmas Birthday! Gotta love Gods sense of humor :)

Jess Friedrich said...

No, he could not be cuter! Such a good idea to have his party early (for his sake and yours!)- miss you guys!

Niemitz said...

What a great themed party!!!!!!!He couldn't get any cuter Love all the cupcakes! I showed Cam the pics and he started waving at him and squeeling!!!!! So I think he too misses Tate:) said...

Happy Birthday to Tate from the folks at!

Cindy said...

so sorry we missed it!! happy early birthday Tate!!! We love you!!

Lindsey said...

Ahhhh!!! So adorable! What a fun idea for a birthday party.

The Busters said...

Happy Birthday to Tate!!! I totally know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed to write about the trip. I was the same way. There is so much to process and I know for me I just never felt like words would do the experience justice. But in the end it felt good to blog about it.
Welcome Home!!!

Zach said...

How great! You guys did a wonderful job. The picture of Tate on the table is hilarious. He's very cute.

Becky said...

Happy Early Birthday Tate!

The party is adorable and a great idea. My bday is the 29th of December so I feel the pain.

Thompson 5 said...

Great pics, great party, adorable little boy, amazing parents!! Perfect family!! Love you guys and Happy Birthday Sweet Tater!!!

~ Kamie ~ said...

Happy Birthday Tate!!

I share his birthday only I'm turning 30 this year, have 3 1/2 year old twins born with IUI. It doesn't get easier having a bday so close. I was 2 1/2 hours shy of being Xmas Day.

Kelly said...

Shannon, I am so glad I found your blog! Tate is absolutely adorable! He's such a happy little boy!!! i look forward to keeping up with your family through your blog!

BabyCakes Creations said...

adorable party!! where did you find his birthday onesie/shirt? SO cute - looking for something like this for my son's 1st bday :)

Shannon Plumb said...

BabyCakes Creations-
here is the esty site for the shirt! It was so cute!