Thursday, January 27, 2011

My new favorite book....

Sunday was baby Sunday at our church.  I can remember last year seeing all the new babies and thinking about how we would be up there the next year!  I love those full circle moments.

As a gift,  the children's minister gave Tate a Bible and the book, God Found Us You.

Now I have seen and heard about this book a couple of times, just never got around to getting it. Tonight I read the book to Tate before bedtime.  Let me just say that I should not have read this to Tate without reading it first.  Tate even laughed at me a couple of time when my voice went up a couple of octaves as I tried to fight back the tears, unsuccessfully I might add.

If you are an adoptive parent or soon to be adoptive parent, you must get this book.

It really took back to all those emotions that you go through during the process.

"I started seeing you everywhere, in the leaves of the giant oak in the bark of the pine.  Even in the stars!  How I longed for the day that you would arrive, when God would  find us you."

  I was talking to Jennifer yesterday who is in the paperwork stage of their Ethiopian adoption when she delivered some of her oh so yummy cupcakes. We were talking about the wait and about how sometimes it does feel like the wait will last forever. 

"No matter how much I prayed it would happen, I still had to wait."
"You waited and waited and waited?"
"And waited.  But I knew that someday you'd arrive when God would find us you."

I rocked Tate to sleep with tears in my eyes.  I remember thinking on some days that he would never get here.  I would imagine a little boy's toys all over the place, his laughter filling the house, and it just felt like a dream. 

But tonight I sat there with a little Ethiopian boy in my arms and as he sucked on his little fingers and patted my arm, I knew it was not a dream.  I pray that I NEVER forget that longing we experienced as we waited because as we were waiting God found us him. 

"When God found us made me the happiest mama in the world."


Matt and Sarah said...

I read this book the first time in Mardels. Bad decision. I'm sure I looked like quite an idiot standing there with tears streaming down my face! LOL

Kelly said...

Ahh, what a great post!! And I especially love the pic!! Who took that??

Jennifer said...

I'm bawling! I must buy the book SOON! Thanks for sharing and reminding me that I will have toys scattered around my house very soon.

Becky said...

I love, love, love that picture of you guys. Perfect!!!

Shannon Plumb said...

Kelly- valarie vaughn withuinmind photography in midwest city took the picture. she took some great ones! Whick reminds me I need to post those!:)

Jennifer- I totally was thinking about you and our conversation when I was reading the book! Just a reminder to those waiting that it does pay off!