Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tate's first snow!

Oklahoma Snow Storm 2011 has had us trapped inside for the past day and a half.  We finally decided to get out of our pj's and introduce Tate to the snow!

5 layers on and ready to go outside.  It was kinda funny watching him try to walk!)
It was COLD!  But typical Tate just turned on his smile and went with the flow.
He was pretty fascinated by the snow, however, I think that he was more amazed by his mittens.:)
Brian was ready to get the sled out but it was just too cold!
Cute boy!

Between the cold and the sun bouncing of the snow, we lasted about 5 minutes. I think it took longer for us to get dressed! For now we are just going to continue enjoying being trapped indoors together!  I love being snowed in!


Jennifer said...

He is precious! He looks so cute all bundled up :)
Hope you guys are staying warm! Let's plan dinner soon...once we can dig out from the blizzard.

Sherri said...

Ahem. 2 weeks ago? ;)
More Tate! More Tate! More Tate!

(No really, these were really lovely pictures. I always check out your blog, even if I don't comment often. :) I wondered what Tate thought of all that snow! Good to know.)