Friday, August 22, 2008

50 foot Banana Split!!

So Wednesday we had our back to school bash at Oakcrest! We had a great turnout! Brian had the idea to do a 50 foot long banana split! He used guttering for the bowl, 100 bananas, 16 gallons of ice cream, and tons of toppings. I ate one bit and got something crunchy so that is all I had! But the group loved it!

In other news we are officially homeless! I think we are beginning to wear out our welcome. :) I woke up yesterday morning with post its on door from my mom telling me to lock the door and feed the dogs. Not to mentioned i parked behind my mom one morning and as she was leaving for work she didn't see my car and almost backed up into it! Oops! Good thing they love Brian! We may be looking for a new place to stay soon! Anyone have any room!:)
This weekend we are off to our Jr/Sr mystery trip! I would tell you where we are going but it is a mystery!:) Have a great weekend guys!!!

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