Friday, August 15, 2008

Florida, packing, and bunnies

Okay, okay, I know. I have been the worst blogger in the world! So I am making a vow to try and do better! We've had a lot going on this past month. Near the end of July we went on vacation to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We stayed in a wonderful condo right on the beach recommended by my friend Laura! (thanks Laura!) It was absolutely great! We went para sailing, deep sea fishing, and were a couple of beach bums for 4 days. (I'll post pictures soon!)

That's right folks! Our house has sold! It actually happened when we were in Florida of course! The buyer wanted to close in 2 weeks so we had to pack fast. We were suppose to close yesterday, but something happened with the appraisal and know hopefully it will happen Tuesday. I hope it happens. We have already moved all of our big stuff to storage and are staying with my parents. Please pray that the appraisal goes through and we can close next week!

I'm actually kind of sad leaving our little house. We've been there for 3 years and have made so many wonderful memories. I'm excited about finding a new house that will be better for entertaining, but I just don't like the thought of someone else living in my house! I must admit, I've teared up a few times! We are staring to look at house though and we are very pumped! We are ready to have you all over in a house that more than 5 people can be in the living room!:)

So, as I said, we are staying with my parents until we find that dream house with 4 bedrooms, updateed kitchen, gigantic living room, study, huge backyard, lots of trees, all within our price range. Oh, and Brian would want me to add a pond with lots of fish. I think we ma have to compromise on a few of these!:) Anyways, so last night at my parents we looked about and saw our dog Louie carrying something in his mouth. I, of course thought it was a mouse and freaked. (BTW I absolutely HATE mice, hamsters, rats or anything that looks like them.) Well Brian went out and saw that it was actually a baby rabbit! So cute! Thought I would include some pictures.

So, I promise I am going to be better about blogging! Stay tuned! Oh, and I am planning on getting with my friend Kelly and having her help me with a new design. (I know this is a surprise to you Kelly but that is what you get for designing cute blogs!:) )


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Wow, you guys have been so busy! Congrats on your house - that's very exciting. Ben and I spent our first anniversary in Orlando and Fort Walton Beach - I loved that place!

The Hamblins said...

Glad to see you guys the other day! Can't wait to see that Rainbow snowcone post here!!! ha ha!

Congrats on the house selling!