Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anniversary, homestudy, honduras, and goodbyes.

---------------------WARNING: LENGTHY CATCH-UP BLOG AHEAD!-------------------------

Well, we have had a busy couple of weeks here at the Plumb house. I am going to blame that, along with the fact that my computer shuts down about 4 times when I use it, on the fact I haven't blogged in awhile:). I am going to try and give the the shorted version of an update.

Brian I celebrated out 5th Anniversary with a little getaway to Eureka Springs. We shopped, we ate, we relaxed, we had an amazing time! It was so nice to spend some time together before the busy summer of mission trips and church camps began. I still can not believe I got to marry my best friend! I love you Brian! The only pictures I have right now are some I took in the car on the way there, so I'll share those for now.

On the adoption front, we had our homestudy monday! Yeah!! It takes about 4-6 weeks before we have it back in our hands and ready to send in to CIS for approval! The homestudy is the only thing left to complete our dossier and Gladney application to adopted! We are getting closer and closer to the waiting list! I am hoping we are there before September! Then we will wait about 8 months for a referral!!!! (Man that was alot of exclamation marks in a paragraph!:))

Brian left for Honduras this AM for a mission trip with the teens. It is such a hard and long week for them! Please pray they remain safe through the week, are able to show the love of Christ to all around them, and grow in their faith this week!

On a sad note, the last couple of weeks had some very difficult moments. Brian's grandmother, Ruby Matthews, passed away. It has been so difficult for all of us to say goodbye. She was the definition of love and selflessness. She was so excited when we told her about our plans to adopt. She even told us we might as well pick up a couple while we are there:). I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to tell her how special she was to our family. 6 weeks before she passed, we gave we a scrapbook for her 75th birthday of 75 things we loved about her. She was an amazing woman and grandmother and we will miss her always!


Lindsey said...

Yeah for the completion of the home study! We were so stressed out about that for a long time, but getting it out of the way was a big weight lifted!

Becky said...

Glad to have you back to blogging...I've missed you!

Nick said...

Hey Shannon! Five years already! Wow I never realized how long I have known the Plumb family. Well Congrats. I'm sorry to hear about Brians Grandmother. It a very hard thing to cope with when you were so close to them. I will be praying for you guys. Mission trip video is underway and should be getting the Pictures from Brian today to put in the video. I leave tuesday for the church camp in New Mexico. Please be praying for that, that I make it there okay and back okay at the end of July. I wish I saw you and Brian more often. I hope your work is going good. Hope to hear from you soon. I'll be updating my blogspot at camp. Talk to you later!

In Christ,
Nick Rutledge

Abbie H. said...

Happy late, late anniversary guys! Woot-woot for the 5 years.

Chris and I celebrate our 10 year next month! Wowzers!