Monday, July 6, 2009

Ethiopian food, and catching up...again

So I have come to find out that I am not the greatest at this blog thing! Every time I write a post, I have big dreams of staying on top of things and then always find myself 4 weeks later giving it another try! So here I go again!:)

Last weekend, Brian and I finally go to make the trip over to an Ethiopian restaurant, The Queen of Sheeba. There is a group that meets for dinner one Tuesday every month and a Saturday every other month. The group is one of Ethiopian adoptive families who have already completed the process, in the middle of the adoption, or still considering it. It was so wonderful to see all the different families and some of the children that have been adopted! It was such a comforting experience to hear from people who were a little ahead of us and could tell us some things to expect. It made Brian and I so anxious!

While there, we got to experience some Ethiopian cuisine. I was so proud of my meat and potatoes, only green thing he eats is gummy bears husband. He actually tried almost everything on the plate! Chicken, beef, lamb, lentils, potatoes, and corn with injera! It is definitely something Brian and I are both going to have to get use to. I was stuffed by the time we left. (I will admit that we did have to make a chick-fil-a run for Brian later that night!:)) I am already excited for the next dinner! I also can't wait to take some friends and family!

So I have officially made the first purchase for baby boy Plumb. (can anyone help me figure out how to turn this thing around!!) Aren't they the sweetest things! We got them from Perpetual Change, helping a family with their travel expenses to pick up their daughter!

Spent the weekend at the lake for out annual 4th of July trip! I'll enclose some pics soon! (maybe!:))


Abbie H. said...

Those shirts are adorable!!!

I'm with Brian on the green stuff, but I won't even eat green bears.

dyanna said...

Nice blog.
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