Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Baby P.-

Dear Baby Plumb-
You have been on my mind lately. A lot. I can not believe that we have been in this process of getting you home for over a year now. It seems like only yesterday that we went on a camping trip to pray about what God's plan was for our family. And now here we are. Officially waiting for you for almost 7 months. You are so close.

I will be honest, I have been trying not to think about how close you are. Maybe it will make the waiting easier. In this, I have failed. Everything sends me back to thoughts of you. Saturday mornings make me think of making you waffles and going to the park. Family Zoo day at the church takes me to thoughts of taking you to see the giraffes. We go to the mall and I find my way to the Children's stores daydreaming of dressing you up in little hats. I see the little boys next doors playing in the mud and I can't wait for you to get dirty and dig up worms.:)

But being this close is bring on so many questions. What do you look like? Is your hair straight or curly? Will you be a picky eater like your dad? Will we be able to comfort you when you are crying? Will you like us?

As we wait, we are preparing. We are narrowing down names. Getting ready to put the nursery together. Reading books. Watching videos. Researching toys, strollers, and diaper bags. Making plans.

We have not seen your face or your smile. We do not know your name. We have no idea where you have come from or the hurt and grief you have already experienced in your little life. But we love you. More than anything. You have already changed our lives. Can't wait to see your face, kiss your checks and hold you tight. We will see you soon!!!



Lindsey said...

I cannot wait to meet baby Plumb! Hoping and wishing and praying for news soon!

Amber said...

That is the sweetest post I've ever read. Your baby will be so loved and is so fortunate to have such wonderful parents. I hope he finds his way to you very soon.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, This brought me to tears. Precious! It won't be long now. Praying hard every day. Can't wait to watch you be a Mommy. You are going to be fantastic!! Love ya!! Amy

The Busters said...

Such a sweet letter that Baby Plumb will get to read someday. Thank you for sharing your heart! I feel so much of what you are feeling. I saw a video from World Vision last night that was filmed in Ethiopia and I kept thinking that's where my baby is. You are getting closer!!!