Thursday, June 5, 2008

4th Anniversary!

I can't believe that 4 years ago today, after 6 years of dating, Brian and I got married! It really feels like we have been married forever, in a good way. I guess this is the time where I get a little sappy. I sometimes just look at Brian and am in awe at the man he has become. His love for is family, me, and Christ is so evident in everything he does. Even though is has been 4 years, I still feel like we are in our honeymoon stage. He is my best friend. The only one that can make me feel better when I am in one of my crazy stress out moods. He always knows exactly what to say at the right time. We are really just enjoying this stage in our life together before we start our even bigger family. God has blessed our marriage in so many ways. We are so excited to see what he has planned for us in the years to come! In honor of our anniversary, I thought I would share some pics from the day 4 years ago. 06-05-04

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The Hamblins said...

awwww--so cute!!!

You finally have your blog!! I'm sad I didnt get to help you though. :( Looks GREAT though.

Yeah, I had mixed emotions about the house selling. Now I am just ready for all of it to come to an end so that we can get settled again.