Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wal-mart, Fashion, and Shaved heads

So, I know you guys have been there. At Wal-mart, trying to remain patient as the lady with the basket is standing right in front of the brand of toothpaste you need. Then you look down, and to your horror you notice she standing there in her bare feet. Well, that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Little did I know that the roles would be reversing later on that night. After noticing that I had left a few things I had paid for in the check out line at walmart, we went last night to get them before Brian left for Honduras. Brian was going to run in quickly so we could get home. I tried to explain to Brian what we needed, but you know them boys. I didn't have any shoes so Brian came out gave me his shoes and he went in with his bare feet! This may not be funny to you guys but it cracked me up!

Oh Brian! Wash those feet!

This is what I call my 'already washed my face, brushed my teeth, it' 10:30' look! Notice the big shoes!

Brian and the crew arrived in Hondo safely this afternoon. After a 6 hour school bus ride to the place where they are staying they are beat! I just talked to Brian and they just got some dinner at the mall and are headed back to Baxter for a devo and some rest. Keep praying for them! I took some pics of Brian for a before and after. He decided last night to completely shave his head. It will be interesting to see the after!

The wizard! (inside joke for you oakcrest youth!)


The Hamblins said...

See you guys are interesting enough to blog about! Make sure to tell Brian you were right and he was wrong! That is always the key to a great marriage! ha ha

Jeana said...

That is the funniest guys crack me up!!
Email me at
and I can tell you how to add the friend thing to your blog! It's easy!! :-)
We do need to get together SOON!!