Monday, October 5, 2009

Gettin' in the FALL spirit!

Me: "I'm gonna run to Hobby Lobby and get some fall decorations for the house."

Brian: "We don't need fall decorations! We'll be putting Christmas decorations up in 3 weeks!"

Christmas decorations before October?!??!? Can you tell Brian LOVES Christmas time? :) Needless to say, I won. Our house is decorated for fall...ish. Lucky for me, I love leaves so we didn't have to do much! (See Kelley, I knew all the leaves would pay off!:))

Me being crafty!

The finished product!

I think Brian likes that pumpkin!:)

I know. The frames need pictures! One of my pet peeves! I'm working on it...

Woohoo for fall!

In adoption news, the waiting list is in our site! Yippee!


Kelly said...

I LOVE your craftiness, ShanCat!! Way to go!! Now come on over and help me out!! Love the blog too!! I think Brian's involvement is AWESOME...the pics ROCK!!

Becky said...

Fall is awesome! I love your decorations!!!