Monday, October 19, 2009

A weekend full of fun and thinking

What a great weekend at Burnt cabin this weekend with the youth group!  Bunt cabin is my favorite retreat spot!  What a great time to get away from the craziness of life and refocus!  And I seriously love hanging out with these people!  (I must admit I am a little sore from the Gladitor games this morning.  Just a nice reminder that I am getting older!:))

So since we are now on the waiting list, it has really hit me how close we are.  This weeked I had a lot of time to really think about the fact that across the globe, there is a precious woman carriyng our son right now!  I have been thinking about what she must be feeling.  Does she know that she is pregnant?  Is she scared?  Is she hungry?  Does she have anyone? Does she know how much a family in America thinks of her? Does she know Christ?  Please pray with us that God give her food, shelter, strength, peace, comfort, and the knowledge of God's grace and love.

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