Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A girl can dream, right?

Still no call.

I did get some prints I ordered off etsy for the nursery today!
Aren't they cute!?!?!?

Maybe they will be good luck!

I am doing an awful lot of dreaming these days.
The past 3 nights, I have had very vivid dreams of our son.
I can see him.
I can feel him.

But the dreaming doesn't stop there.
Every morning, I dream about what it will look like if we get the call that day.
I dream about Mary calling me.
I dream about calling Brian and giving him the news.
I dream about calling our families.
I dream about seeing his face.
It is pure happiness.

Dreaming is nice, but the real thing would be even better.
So, one more day down and one more day closer to Baby P!


jamullins said...

Hang in there girl!!! I so remember doing the exact same thing...dreaming all the time about our referral day. And then the day when I KNEW we would not be getting the call, and I was home with a migraine (probably brought on by the stress of waiting for the call!) with no makeup on and my hair in a clippy (not the look I wanted for our referral video), that's the day we got THE CALL! So hang in there...praying for you!!! Can't wait to read all about it!

Kelly said...

I think it's close...I seemed to have more frequent baby dreams the closer it got!! I love you guys and your excitement is contagious!!