Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here we go again!

So it is time to start another week.
Another week of waiting.
I really hope this week is not as bad as last week. I THINK I have convinced myself that it is too early to be this anxious and it will probably still be a couple of weeks. I mean, I should at least wait until we are #1!
But just in case....

Camera and computer are ready.

My phone is "practicing" for the call! :)

So, do you think if I stare at my phone long enough it will ring?!?!
Just kidding......kind of.


heather said...

right there with you sista! hang in there...your call is coming SOON!

Christine said...

You are so funny! Any day...Maybe today!!!

Niemitz said...

Love the "Practice" call!!! Hope the phones start ringing:)