Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trying to convince myself...

I woke up this morning with the feeling that we were not going to get our referral today.
It just doesn't feel like the day.
It doesn't even really feel like the week.

Maybe this will keep me from stalking the F.B.I. list.
Maybe this will keep me from checking my phone every hour.
Maybe this will get those dang butterflies out of my stomach.
Maybe this is my attempted to trick "the call" into actually coming today! :)

The part that is the hardest is knowing that our son is probably already in a Gladney care center.
They are probably just trying to get paperwork worked out. So there he sits, half a world away, waiting. And here we sit, waiting too. Every day that goes by feels like I am missing another precious day of our life together.

Then come the fears.
Is there anyway we can still get through court before rainy season?!?! If not, that means just WAITING another 6 weeks for the courts to reopen. BUMMER!

I know that one day, I will read these post and laugh to myself about how impatient I was.
That when he is here, none of this will really matter.
But right now, this stinks!

Hoping that this day brings some good news to Joanna (#1 on the list)!


Niemitz said...

Knowing that our baby is most likely already in care is one of the hardest parts for me too!!! I just wish i knew if it was a baby girl or a baby boy:) I have a great feeling about both you and Joanna getting your calls REAL SOON..... And I do believe there is hope for you to get in before court closure. I also crazily (is that even a real word?) went through the past court seasons calls and court dates, and it seems that a lot of families got in just under the wire ;)

Joanna said...

I could've written this post myself! Including the hope that good news will come my way today - just not feelin' it.

Wes and Layla said...

I'm hoping you hear some good news soon! We're rooting for you over here! :)

Anonymous said...

Praying Shannon. It is SO hard but it will be so worth the wait. Praying that call comes before 1:30very soon. Love you and praying.

Jim & Laura said...

Hang in there. I know your level of frustration. I often wonder if we will make it as well. Thinking of you every day. Laura

Heather said...

word. perfect post.
here's hoping THE CALL comes soon.

Christine said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!