Sunday, November 1, 2009

30 posts in 30 days?!?!? Am I crazy?!?!

What a wonderful relaxing weekend we have had!  We just got back from the annual Oakcrest Family Retreat and had such a wonderful time! The weather was perfect and the tree's were beautiful!  My friend Kelly suggested that we all just move to a compound and stay there forever!  I actually think I could do that!  We have been so blessed by such a wonderful church family!  God is good!  Next year, hopefully our family will have one more member to tag along! :)

So I saw this challenge on the Bottomly's blog , and thought I would try it myself!  Am I really ready for this kind of commitment? We will see!:) 

   BYW the Bottomly's are a couple from Oklahoma that have also adopted from Ethiopia and wrote a book about their experience.


The book was such an important part of our adoption journey when we were just beginning to pray about adoption! I would strongly suggest that anyone thinking about adoption, internationally or domestic, or know anyone adopting from Ethiopia should read this book!  (I've read it myself three times!:))

Kind of a rambling thoughts kinda post! Maybe it is this time change!:)

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