Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby names

Ok, so this blogging everyday is getting tough! I am having a harder time everyday trying to think about what to blog about! How about baby names!
Growing up, I always kept a list beside my bed of baby names I loved. I would cross one out, add a new one, add one I have already crossed off...you get the picture. Names are one of the most fun things to talk about, yet one of the most frustrating. It is a lot of pressure. The name we choose will be with our son forever! Luckily I have Brian, who can think of any bad nickname, or looks at abbreviates or initial. (This can be a useful and then again annoying talent he has.)
We have decided that we are not going to finalize a name until we actually see baby Plumb's face and find out what his birth name is. But that has not stopped us from throwing around a few name so we can be prepared.
One of our names on the list is Alex, meaning defender of mankind. To me it sounds strong, yet cute and cuddly. (Does that even make sense?)
Another name near the top is Isaac, meaning he will laugh. Doesn't that just sound like a name full of joy and happiness. I hope our baby will laugh a lot, so that seems fitting...
Caleb, meaning brave and faithful, was a favorite, but we have pretty much scratched that one. Caleb Plumb. I just don't know if the double B's flow well. Do you see what I am saying?
I really like the name Casen, but Brian isn't a big fan. I don't know what it means, I just like it!:)
Some others that we have thrown out there are Joel, Elijah, and Aaron.
A name is really something that is hard to pick out. The funny thing is that whatever name we pick, in a couple of years, we won't be able to imagine him with any other name!
So I am just going to randomly open the boy section of the baby book and point to a name to make the decision for us. So it looks like the baby will be named.......Norbert! LOL!


Becky said...

I like Caleb. But I promise, whatever you pick will fit perfectly. You won't be able to imagine him with any other name.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

I've never known an Alex that I didn't like or think was cool. The naming thing was hard for us in that we have had her first name picked out forever. When we saw her we knew that it fit but we also love her Ethiopian name. It will be her middle name and hopefully we'll call her by that name as well. A lot of the biblical names sound really cool in Amharic. Like Joshua-Eyasu. Just a thought.

Cindy said...

I think he should be named Danno!!

Kev and Erica said...

Shannon! I love your blog, and I'm super excited for your adoption. It's fun finding a friend's blog...I love the posts!