Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you floss?

My mom was always to great at taking us to the dentist. Every six months we were there for our cleaning. When I got married and we were in school, the dentist is just one of those things we cut out. I had never had a cavity, so I wasn't too concerned.

Brian and I finally made an appointment for both of us to get a check. It had been 4 years!. I was in shock that I had SIX cavities!!!!!! I will admit it, I have kind of slacked off in the flossing department. I had six small cavities in the back between my teeth that needed to be filled!

I had my appointment today for the left side of my mouth, top and bottom, to be filled. And I was numb! My face felt so swollen. It was so funny!

This is my "smile" face.

The "kiss" face.

This is me trying to show my teeth.

Probably not as funny to you, but me and Brian had a pretty good laugh!

BTW, I am now a regular flosser. You should be too!:)

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