Sunday, November 22, 2009

The weekend..

What a busy and fun weekend! It seems like we did so much , but it doesn't feel like it is time to go back to work. A lot of time with the youth group, we like to share Pow's and Wow's of the week. Pow's are the lows of and Wow's are the highs. So I thought I would share our weekends Pow Wow's.
5 Pow's
1. Waking up early on Saturday.
2. Missing the Queen of Sheeba, an Ethiopian restaurant in OKC where families adopting or who have adopted from Ethiopia meet up occasionally.
3. Brian and I have both had sinus headaches today. Boo for allergies!
4.We were out of American cheese for our lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches today. Swiss cheese just was not as good.
5. I can't think of another Pow. It was a good weekend!
5 Wow's
1. Had a slumber party with our awesome nieces! They are just so much fun.
2. Got to spend lots of time with my mom and dad. I am so ready for them to move from Shawnee to the south side of OKC! They say just a couple more years!:)
3. Dinner with my parents, sister, and her boyfriend at Hideaway. Best pizza ever! We always laugh so much when we are together!
4. A nap!:)
5. Brian had the whole house cleaned and the Christmas lights up outside when I came home Friday from work! I know, I am so lucky!
Hope your week has more Wow's than Pow's!

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