Thursday, November 5, 2009

Building a library

I love Children's books!  Anytime I go to a bookstore, I have to make a stop in the children's section and find some of my favorites. I realize that we need to start building our children collection here at the house. Here are of tthe books on our list:

This was one of Brian's picks.  He had the whole collection growing up.

Reading this book growing up, I remember feeling sorry for the toys at the store that were broken. :(

"I think I can"

We still like to say these words here at the Plumb house on those not so great days.
 "Maybe I'll move to Austrailia".

This is a new favorite for us.
 Our nephew Carson would crack up when you read it to him as a baby!

I must admit this is a new favorite for me.  I never really liked it growing up, but it has become a favorite when reading it with the neices and nephews!

I don't really remember much about this book, I just remebmer I loved it!

Who doesn't love Little Critter?

This one may not be really well known, but we had this with the read along CD. 
You have to get it with the CD.  The song they sing is so fun!

These are just a couple.  What are your favorites?


Becky said...

Don't forget "Where the Wild Things Are"...this is one of my favorites!

Lindsey said...

Julie Andrews has a new book that is a collection of poems and songs, which has the CD too. It is AWESOME!!!

Rebecca said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Love the books!!! Hi!

Faith said...

Guess how much I love you
I'll love you forever
On the night you were born
Bob and Larry's God made you special and He loves you very much (2 books)
The Jesus Storybook bible