Saturday, November 7, 2009

Feed the Children

Excuse the blog design. Two hours ago I thought I would do some quick blog redesigning. Let's just say I am now frustrated, uninspired, and ready to go to bed! It may be a few days before you see any result and I am not promising that is will be anything magnificent. :)

Today, we traveled with the youth group to Feed the Children. It was an area wide event where several other youth groups in the area came to do some service. for the community. It was tiring, but we were able to pack up several hundred boxes of tolietry items to be shipped out to people in need. Oh, and we had a little fun too! :)

Just to show you how dangerous it was, I was injured by a box. :)

What a great day! Packing boxes is right up my task oriented personality and we had a great time with the youth. Brian and I feel truley blessed to be apart of these kids lives. They impact us in so many ways and we really just love hanging out with them!

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Becky said...

I love your new background and header!!! Looks great!